Owners will have online access to their monthly reports on a daily basic. We are here to help you protect your investment. We offer owners direct deposit of their rent income. So there is no waiting, or checks getting lost in the mail or delayed checks due to holidays. We take the work, time and stress out of having a rental:

  • No Phone calls at all hours of the night
  • No need to hire someone to clean, paint, make repairs
  • No need to serve tenants notices
  • No need to drive to collect rent
  • No need to worry about your tenants background, we have a rental criteria that everyone has to meet

Owner Statements Available Online

Did you know that you can now access your owner statements online?


  • Concise statements covering the performance of your property for the previous month
  • All data on your property is stored in a state-of-the-art data center
  • Access information about your property 24/7
  • Access information about your property from anywhere with an internet connection

How it works:

In order to keep your financials secure, we use a state of the art portal system which communicates with your email.

Each time you wish to view your reports, you must visit the portal and enter in your email address. You will be emailed a single-use link where you can view your statements. This link does not have a time limit, however, it will only work once.

View Your Owner Statement

Our Technology Advantage

We invest in advanced technology systems so we can provide you with the best service and manage your properties efficiently and effectively. We have chosen property management and accounting software called AppFolio Property Manager. Some of the benefits that we are able to pass on to you:

  • We can respond faster and provide better service to both owners and tenants.
    We can securely access information about all properties at any time and from anywhere. Sensitive data is securely housed in a state-of-art data center, and backed up regularly and automatically.
  • Monthly statements can be delivered to your email inbox, saving time and paper.
    The statements are easy to read and provide you with a quick snapshot of your property details for the past month.
  • We address property maintenance issues faster.
    We can create electronic work orders and communicate with vendors so we quickly solve issues.
  • You will be paid faster and more securely.
    We are able to use electronic payments (ACH) to deposit funds directly into your bank account.
  • We can more effectively market your properties to fill vacancies sooner.
    We can quickly and professionally advertise your properties on our Web site, Craigslist, and other Web sites.

Property Management Services

Here Are the Services We Offer:

  • Leasing & Marketing of your Property
  • Handling Maintenance Request
  • Managing the Rent Income along with Rent Collections
  • Handling Evictions Processes
  • Sending out Monthly Statements to Owners
  • One Time Lease up fee
  • Up to date Reports on Maintenance Request